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The Genesee Fire Protection District (GFPD) is located just west of Denver at an elevation of 7,800 feet. GFPD includes the communities of Genesee, Genesee Village, and Chimney Creek, and the Genesee Business District and Genesee Town Center.

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Be sure to stay up-to-date with the latest weather in our area and help to report non-emergency incidents.


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NOTICE is hereby given that a proposed budget has been submitted to the Board of Directors of Genesee Fire Protection District for the ensuing year of 2024; that a copy of such proposed budget has been filed in the office of the District at 23455 Currant Drive, Golden, Colorado, where the same is open for public inspection; and that such proposed budget will be considered at a public hearing of
Genesee Fire Rescue marked a momentous milestone as we joyfully celebrated our 50th Anniversary. It was a remarkable occasion filled with camaraderie, memories, and a profound sense of pride in our half-century of service to the community. The event was captured in a series of captivating photographs that beautifully encapsulate the spirit and history of our organization.
The GFPD board of directors will hold a special meeting on October 3rd at 1700 to review and discuss an easement agreement between the GFPD and the Genese Water and Sanitation District. This meeting will be virtual only and can be accessed using the Zoom link.

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