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Deputy Chief

Neil Frame

Term 1: 2019-2021

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Genesee Fire Rescue (GFR) is as unique as the community itself. We are blessed to have over 30 highly committed and talented firefighters, who protect our community. The career and leadership experience is exceptional and translates into the safety and assistance we provide.

We have men and women that have lived in Genesee for one year to 29 years. We all welcome the opportunity to help our neighbors in their time of need. Each person joins GFR with enthusiasm while, at the same time wondering what it will be like to be a firefighter. In the end, I think every member of our team would tell you it is the best decision they have made.

Each year we hold a Firefighter 1 Academy completing the same training based on the standard State requirements. Firefighters are required to attend on-going skills training and education. Fields of training include – Fire, Search and Rescue, Hazardous Materials, Medical and Wildland fire.

I am personally proud of our department and the people who make it work. We always say, “Never hesitate to call when you need us”. We respond 24/7 and are honored to be there for you.

Finally, we are always looking for men and women in this community that want to be part of Genesee Fire Rescue. Contact us by phone at 303-526-1230 or by email

All the best,

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Neil Frame

Deputy Chief


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