Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Resident Survey

Thank you to all who participated in the survey to assess resident's perceptions, concerns, and insights about wildfire risk and emergency preparedness in the Genesee Fire Protection District. A summary of findings from the survey is available and helping to inform the development of our community's updated CWPP.

The Genesee Fire Protection District (FPD) and Forest Stewards Guild (the Guild) are embarking on an update of the Genesee Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). This process involves state-of-the-art wildfire modeling and robust engagement with residents and other stakeholders to assess wildfire hazards and community preparedness and to identify strategic investments to mitigate wildfire risk. We expect the CWPP to be completed by early 2021.

The original CWPP for Genesee FPD was completed by Walsh Environmental Scientists and Engineers, LLC. in 2008 (available here). An updated CWPP will provide critical insights to the Genesee FPD as they develop wildfire pre-plans to improve emergency response and enhance the safety of firefighters and residents. A current CWPP will also make communities in the Genesee FPD more competitive for mitigation grants.

Project Purpose and Goals

The Guild is helping the Genesee FPD undertake the CWPP revision by conducting wildfire analyses and facilitating stakeholder engagement. We are working together to develop wildfire pre-plans and strategic and tactical maps to support wildfire operations. Specific aspects of this project include:

  • Modeling potential fire behavior and wildland fuel hazards in Genesee FPD
  • Modeling burn probability, structure loss from embers and radiant heat, and roadway hazards and survivability.
  • Assessing evacuation capacities and developing pre-plans and trigger points for resident egress.
  • Developing strategic and tactical maps to increase the FPD’s preparedness and emergency response.
  • Providing recommendations and prioritization for reducing fire hazards, establishing and maintaining safety zones, and hardening homes
  • Engaging community members during the CWPP process to build trust and address local needs and concerns
  • Setting the stage for neighborhood-level planning and implementation to mitigate hazards and promote community preparedness.

Community involvement

Community involvement is crucial to develop an actionable CWPPs. Due to the importance of social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, we will deliver virtual presentations and distribute online questionnaires to keep the community informed and involved. We will post regular updates on this website and on the Genesee Fire Rescue Facebook page.

We are postponing community meetings until late fall, and we will follow state and local guidance before proceeding with in-person gatherings

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Contact Information

Direct questions to Meg Matonis, PhD (Intermountain West Regional Manager, Forest Stewards Guild) at

About the Forest Stewards Guild

The Guild is a leader in ecologically, economically, and socially responsible forestry. They have supported the development of over a dozen CWPPs in New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado, including CWPPs for Evergreen and Platte Canyon Fire Protection Districts. Guild staff members have expertise in wildfire operations, fire ecology, forest management, and community engagement.