Southern E.A.R. Tri-board Working Group (Emergency Access Road)


The Southern EAR Tri-Board Working Group (Group) consists of representatives of Genesee Foundation (Foundation), Genesee Fire Protection District (Fire District), and Genesee Water & Sanitation District (Water District). The Group, sanctioned by each entity’s Board, is charged with supporting the potential development of an emergency access road to benefit the residents of Genesee and surrounding areas. All parties recognize the need for an emergency access road to provide alternatives for evacuation of Genesee and/or access to Genesee for emergency equipment. The parties also recognize success will only be achieved if the three entities create a shared vision and find ways to collaborate.

The Group’s primary purpose is to create and employ a process for sharing information, reviewing issues and reaching agreement regarding a Southern EAR, including identifying technical issues to be addressed in a detailed engineering study. By employing a systematic process, the parties have created an official communication channel among the three entities. The Group will not enter into binding agreements, commit any funds, or make final decisions. The decision-making role is reserved to the Boards of the three entities.

The Group’s work is not limited to any specific route, nor has any route been defined. A potential route that has received significant attention begins through or near Water District property on Bitterroot Lane, proceeds south through Foundation property, and exits through Water District property to Highway 74. A conceptual plan for this road is laid out in a 2021 study performed by Baseline Engineering. While the Baseline Engineering Study assists in identifying issues and providing context for discussions, no decisions have been made about the route laid out in that study.

To promote understanding and transparency, this site includes discussion drafts, agendas and meeting notes, reflecting the deliberative process of the Group. The information should be reviewed in that context, and no conclusions should be drawn based on the topics discussed by the Group.


Next Meeting: May 13, 2022 at 9:00am
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