Genesee Fire Rescue (GFR) partnered with WiRē (Wildfire Research) in 2021 to better understand our wildfire risks at the parcel level, both through the eyes of a wildfire practitioner and those of our community residents. The goal of the project was to couple social science with wildfire research so that the fire district can best adapt our community approach and programs to the needs and perspectives of our residents. To do so, our wildfire professionals conducted rapid wildfire risk assessments of every parcel in the district from public spaces, conducted a districtwide household survey, and then collated and compared the data collected. What we learned will now guide our communication strategy and the wildfire programs for the fire protection district.

The WiRē approach is leading-edge in terms of understanding our wildfire risks and how we can adapt as a community with the goal of mitigating that risk. Through this collaborative process many reports, documents, and presentations were created, and we would like to share these with you.

A community-wide presentation will be held on April 14, 2022, to provide an overview of the program and the results. The following is a list of hyperlinks that include the presentation and the supporting documentation. We strongly encourage you to review and discuss with your neighbors and plan unit ambassadors. Your plan unit ambassador can then bring that feedback to the district wildfire specialist, and we will work together to create customized programs to best meet your needs.

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Overview of the Survey Timing:
May 27, 2021:Letter of Introduction
August 11, 2021:1st Survey Package
August 30, 2021:Postcard Reminder & Thank You
September 30, 2021:2nd Survey Package
Survey Results:
Overall:44.9% of households responded
Community Presentation:
April 14, 2022, at 6:00