Southern Emergency Access Route (S.E.A.R.) Info


The Southern Emergency Access Route (S.E.A.R.) is a proposed natural surface roadway, a dirt road, that, subject to voter approval, would be constructed to be safely navigated by passenger vehicles, law enforcement vehicles, and fire apparatus during an emergency. The SEAR will not be used for public transport, recreational, or other day to day use by any person or entity and is intended to be used only for emergency ingress and egress, maintenance/mitigation, and training. The SEAR will be access controlled with appropriate gates and security, as well as appropriate signage, locks, and monitoring. Ownership, maintenance, and use of the SEAR will be governed by the Genese Fire Protection District.


2024 Community Meetings

Save the date - Please mark the following dates/times in your calendar to join us for project updates and to ask questions.  More information will be available ahead of each meeting.

  • February 12th at 6:30PM

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  • April 8th at 6:30PM

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  • June 10th at 6:30PM

  • August 12th at 6:30PM

  • Plan Unit J Meeting: Date/time will be scheduled as soon as sufficient engineering work has been completed to provide detailed information.



Current Information

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