Wildland Specialist

As your wildland specialist, I will be focused on wildfire public education. This includes a wide array of responsibilities, but my initial focus will be building a sustainable wildfire home assessment program that will be available to every resident of the fire district. As part of this initiative, I will be partnering with local HOA’s, participating in neighborhood discussions, hosting neighborhood workshops about wildfire and evacuation preparedness, and working with partner agencies such as JCSO, neighboring fire agencies, Denver Mtn Parks, and JeffCo Open Space to build consistent messaging and common mitigation strategies and priorities.

As a resident in the Wildland Urban Interface, or WUI, we all share the risks and the responsibilities. As such, I cannot think of a more important public education role for our community and I am proud to be the one to lead this important effort.

Be sure to check out the other links on the Genesee Fire Website and watch for information about upcoming education events. You can also contact me directly at ddalton@geneseefire.org.

Picture of Dorie Dalton